The perfect Great British Breakfast is hard to define, but one certainly knows when one has partaken of such. It is a meal of many courses and great delicacies; succulent sausages, crisp bacon, tender mushrooms, rich black puddings and exquisite eggs combining to sate the most demanding of tastes and fortify the body for the day's labours. One need not of course partake of all courses, and there may be times when circumstance does not permit one to relax and enjoy this finest of meals to its full extent - there are peoples and parts of the world who do not appreciate such civilities. However, a spread such as that outlined below would provide a reasonable attempt at this most noble of meals.

LONG before anyone worried about cholesterol, there was the English breakfast, and undoubtedly long after all the medical controversies have subsided, the morning repast of eggs, sausage, bacon and buttered, marmalade-laden toast will live on in London. It may not be a meal to be savored for its culinary delights, but it can be a feast for the eyes and ears at some of London's decidedly atmospheric morning eateries.

Magnificent British Breakfasts - hot cutlets, pink hams, fried soles, devilled kidneys, little crisp rolls of bacon, dishes of scrambled eggs and sausages, black pudding, a cold grouse or pheasant, a piece of pie and then hot toast in white napkins, fresh rolls, sweet butter, marmalades of all cuts and colours, jams, jellies and pyramids of fruit - 'ah the breakfast', wrote an early nineteenth-century visitor to Scotland, 'that is what redeems the land'.

Well porridges should certainly be hot and grapefruit not, but – let’s hold it up here - what we really want to concern ourselves with hereabouts is the daddy of all things eating morning-wise, and that’s the Great British Traditional Full English Breakfast that’s what it is, yes.

The Great British Fry Up: (AKA English Breakfast) the great british fry up Before the days of pop tarts the real way every working man started his day was with an equally unhealthy yet far more tasty fry up. Bacon, sausage, fried eggs (sunny side up) black pudding, fried bread, tomatoes, fried potatoes and a field mushroom or two if cash was not an issue, or if you happened to live near a field that was kind enough to yield these fine fellows.

A Full English breakfast, or '''traditional fry-up''', is a traditional Breakfast meal in England . Fry-ups are no longer an everyday occurrence in most English households, but they are offered to Tourist s as traditional fare in Hotels , Guest House s and Café s, and occupy an important place in the English concept of the morning meal.

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Britain still has a great tradition for breakfast - offering distinct bacon, eggs, Cumberland ham, Lincolnshire sausages, Herefordshire apple juice, kippers, kidneys, kedgeree, black pudding, oatcakes from Staffordshire, Scottish porridge, piping hot buttered toast, Tiptree marmalade and local jams and jellies bought at a farmers' market to adorn the breakfast table.

The quintessential British breakfast, and perfect for breakfast in bed - Boiled Eggs and Marmite Soldiers are a British culinary institution! The following instructions give you a perfect soft-boiled egg, suitable for "dipping" with your "soldiers"! You either love marmite or hate it, don't use it if you cannot find it locally or just don't like it!! You must still cut your toast into "soldiers" however!!

My boyfriend is recently here from the UK and he's always saying that you can't get a proper breakfast fry up here. We're in Seattle, WA. He's talked about the things that make up this breakfast a few times: Baked beans Fried eggs Fried mushrooms Fried tomatoes Fried breadFried potatos Back bacon Bangers HB sauce And of course a nice hot cup of tea

Many people have wondered just what is a "Proper British Breakfast", what products are needed, and how to cook a "Proper British Breakfast": The British Breakfast is the Genesis of America's cooked breakfast.  Many European countries serve cold cuts, and maybe a bun  and coco, but the Brit's serve a rib sticking breakfast that sticks with you until the middle of the day

The British breakfast is world famous and has been the backbone of these islands for decades. It provides the protein that will form the basis for an energetic start that can last for the rest of the day. It is really simple to prepare, but beware of falling into the trap of over-cooking it. Remember that black pudding, which has now infiltrated the South from it's stronghold in the North, is already cooked and therefore only needs a light grilling or frying.

My British Breakfast: Welcome to the breakfast forum. Use this area to ask any Questions about the Great British breakfast. Below you will see the latest discussions.

I learned my best breakfast from the British, and I brought it home to be the prop and pleasure of my age, and to improve the culture of America. It is tomatoes-and-bacon. Your bacon should be cut fairly thick, and it should have a nice balance of lean and fat, such as British bacon has naturally. You fry it, and then when it is all of a sizzle and half done, put into its seething juice small, half-ripe tomatoes, halved, and fry them along with the meat. Stir the bacon and the tomato halves often and baste the skins of the tomatoes with the hot fat. The flavors of smoked pig and tomatoes marry. They become a new flavor under the sun. You turn the rich united sauce upon slices of toast and serve piping hot. The man who gets up from this transplanted British breakfast of mine is a man who could never maltreat his aunts or do any other mean-spirited act.

We now offer many different breakfasts teas, all available in both teabags and loose leaf.English Breakfast #1 Our original malty, strong, fast brewing tea. The loose leaf tea is cut fine for faster brewing.English Breakfast Tea Blend No. 2 - A refined breakfast tea with a good body and full tea flavour notes. The loose leaf tea is has a larger leaf size.St. Paul's London Breakfast - Full malty flavor with hints of Earl Grey. For the perfect London morning 'cuppa'.Irish Breakfast - A very robust tea, with plenty of kenya and assam. This is a stronger tea, makes a great start to the day.Highlander Blend - Malty full bodied flavor, with hints of oak. The other drink of the Highlanders.Buckingham Palace Garden Party Delicate medium tea with a hint of Earl Grey and Jasmine

A full breakfast is a traditional cooked meal, typically and originally eaten at breakfast, though now often served at other times during the day (this is particularly true of the Ulster Fry, described below). The full breakfast traditionally comprises several fried foods, usually including bacon and eggs, although vegetarian alternatives exist and is popular throughout the British Isles and other parts of the English-speaking world. Depending on where it is served, it is called bacon and eggs,[2] a fry, a fry up,[3] The Great British breakfast,[4][5] a full English breakfast, a full Irish breakfast, a full Scottish breakfast, a full Welsh breakfast[6] or an Ulster fry.[7] The complement of the breakfast varies depending on the location and which of these descriptions is used.

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